Team members

Hellenic Mediterranean University

The Laboratory of Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Engineering (NRMAE) of the Department of Agriculture of HMU is directed by Professor T. Manios, Vice-Rector of HMU. HMU Coordinates REACT4MED, leads WP7 and the Heraklion Pilot Area.

Thrassyvoulos Manios


Coordinator of REACT4MED, Thrassyvoulos has over 20 years of experience in scientific and applied research and innovation in integrated water resources management.

Ioannis Daliakopoulos

Assistant Professor

Deputy Coordinator of REACT4MED, Ioannis has over 15 years of experience in scientific and applied research and innovation.


SoftWater is an ICT start-up company, founded at the end of 2017 from two researchers of the Natural Resource Management Group of Politecnico di Milano University. SoftWater leads WP4 and contributes in WP3, WP5 and WP6.

Marco Micotti

co-founder and administrator

Leader of WP4, Marco has experience in multi-criteria analysis applied to integrated water resource management, stakeholders' involvement in participatory processes, data science and GIS-based web platform development.

Enrico Weber

co-founder and president

SoftWater co-founder and president, former senior researcher at Politecnico di Milano and ETH Zurich. Enrico has more than 20 years experience in environmental modelling, optimization algorithm development, software engineering.

Elena Matta

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Elena's interests include interdisciplinary management of water resources in complex free-surface bodies/hydrosystems through hydrological modeling and machine learning. She is co-author of over 30 publications in journals, books, and conferences

Technical University of Crete

TUC is a modern technological institution that has established a strong international reputation. TUC contributes to WP2, WP4 and WP7

Aristeidis Koutroulis

Associate Professor

Applied research and management of over 20 projects in areas of climate change impact on water resources, hydrological extremes, integrated watershed management and water availability forecasting.

Manolis Grillakis

Senior Research Scientist

Experience in climate change impact studies, seasonal hydrological forecasts, and water resources management.

Athanasios Tsilimigkras

Research engineer

Athanasios is an Environmental Engineer with experience in global hydrological modeling.

Osnabrück University

Prof. Pahl-Wostl and her team have 20 years of experience in the field of sustainable water management and governance. UOS will lead WP3 and contribute to WPs4-7.

Claudia Pahl-Wostl


Expert in water governance and adaptive water management. Water resource award of the Bode Foundation 2012 for work on the sustainable use of global water resources. Extensive experience in coordinating international research projects and in Global Change programmes

Evelyn Lukat


PhD candidate in resources management. Sustainable and integrated water and agricultural management and governance, adaptation to climate change. International experience in moderating and organizing stakeholder participation within research projects.

Raissa Ulbrich


Raissa has experiences in transdisciplinary research in the field of resources management and the facilitation of participatory processes. Her interests lie in the sustainability of food systems and the integration of different knowledge systems.

The Cyprus Institute

CyI is Leader of the Cyprus Troodos Mountains Pilot Area, Leader of Task 5.3 and 6.4. The Cyprus Institute is a non‐profit research and educational institution with a strong scientific and technological orientation, created in 2005.

Adriana Bruggeman

Associate Professor

Expertise in integrated natural resource management, transdisciplinary research, and the monitoring and modeling of hydrologic and ecosystems processes. She has an MSc in Hydrology and Water Management and a PhD in Biological Systems Engineering.

Elias Giannakis

Associate Research Scientist

His expertise includes the development and application of macroeconomic and environmentally-extended economic models for policy impact assessment at national and regional level and non-market valuation of environmental resources.

Christos Zoumides

Associate Research Scientist

He has extensive experience in transdisciplinary research and stakeholder facilitation, ecosystems services, rural policies, analysing and mapping costs, benefits and trade-offs of water and land management practices and climate change adaptation options.

Hakan Djuma

Associate Research Scientist

Experience in erosion, soil and water conservation, groundwater recharge and ecosystems field research and modeling.

University of Haifa

UH leads WP2 and also contributes to WP3 by introducing a living lab (food forest), to WP4 by collecting and providing data for the development of LanDS tool, to WP5 by investigating biophysical and socioeconomic indicators, and to WP7 by dissemination and public outreach.

Anna Brook

Professor, Head of Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing Laboratory

Research interests include the development and implementation of advanced remote sensing methods and techniques for environment and ecological studies emphasizing the importance of multi-source data fusion.

Universitat de València Estudi General

UV leads Tasks 2.1 and 2.2 in WP2, as well as the Pilot Area of Cànyoles in Spain. UV is lead by Dr Cerdà who is included in the list of highly cited authors of the Web of Science from 2018 to 2020 in the field of Agricultural Sciences.

Artemio Cerdà


Erosion studies with expertise in field and laboratory experiments and measurements. Leader of the Soil Erosion and Degradation Research Group.

Ana Pérez


Social, economic and perception studies with expertise with the use of interviews to understand stakeholders’ opinions, views and perceptions in agriculture societies and landscapes.

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique

INRA's mission is to ensure sustainable agricultural development and natural resources use (water, soil, and biodiversity) through knowledge generation and technology creation. INRA leads WP6 as well as the Merchouch Pilot Area in Morocco.

Rachid Mrabet

Research Director

Expertise in conservation and regenerative agriculture. MEDECC expert and IPCC CLA AR6 WGIII AFOLU and expert on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Deputy President of WASWAC. Panellist at International Conservation Agriculture Advisory Panel for Africa.

Centro Internazionale di Alti Studi Agronomici Mediterranei Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo di Bari

CIHEAM is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1962 under the auspices of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Council of Europe bringing together 13 Euro-Mediterranean countries. CIHEAM Bari leads in WP5 as well as the Apulia Pilot Area in Stornara and Tarra, Italy.

Pandi Zdruli

Senior Researcher

Pandi is Involved in several projects dealing with soil and water management he brings 4 decades of experience from various parts of the world.

Daniela D’Agostino


Scientific interest in water resource management and use in agriculture, analysis of qualitative data in the stakeholders driven processes, elaboration of cartographic data using modern GIS techniques.

Enrico Perrino


Qualified as associate professor in botany apply, is expert in monitoring and conservation of natural environments and agroecosystems, with particular attention in wild plants useful to man.

Uluslararası Tarımsal Araştırma ve Eğitim Merkezi

UTAEM provides scientific and applied services in the field of SLWM under the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policy of The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In the context of REACT4MED, UTAEM leads the Menemen Pilot Area in Turkey.

Funda Kıdoğlu

Head of the Training and Extension Department

Funda has competed her PhD in the Department of Horticulture at the Aegean University.

Perihan Tarı Akap


PhD candidate on water quality and the use of wastewater in agricultural irrigation the Department of Agricultural Structures and Irrigation (ASI) at Aegean University.

Şuayip Yüzbaşı


PhD in Agricultural Irrigation and Land Reclamation at Aegean University. He carries out research projects on irrigation technologies and climate change modelling on agriculture.

Ümit Alkan


PhD candidate in the Dept of ASI, on drainage.

Participatory Development Solutions - ElMahrousa

PDS has strong expertise in the field of Research and Development, socioeconomic impact assessment, Project Management and Evaluation, capacity building and Training, project dissemination, as well as the development of policy solutions to environmental and societal challenges.

Prof. Dr. Elsayed Elhabbasha

Scientific Consultant for PDS

Professor at NRC. He holds his PhD in 2005 and became Professor in 2015. He has a good experience on scientific and demonstration projects, authored over 52 published papers. Key scientific interests: study the plant nutrition and plant physiology, increase the tolerance of plant under abiotic stress, cultivation and production of traditional and non-traditional plants, soil quality management and crop production, optimizing agricultural supply microelement crops, organic farming.

Hany Ibrahim


He holds a Master Degree in Public Policy and Administration from the AUC. And PHD in progress in Economics and Law. He has more than 20 years of experience, working with national and international organizations such as USAID, EU, CARE International, Catholic Relief Services, and the International Republican Institute (IRI). He is the founder and CEO of Participatory Development Solutions – ElMahrousa PDS, a regional organization, based in Egypt since 2011.

Amal ElRawy

Projects and programs Director

She has seven years of experience in managing projects in the areas of water management, food security, renewable energy, climate change and poverty alleviations. her work includes organizational management and administration in business and civil society organizations which includes Projects Design, Proposals Development, business plans/models, Project and Program Management, Results-based-Management focusing on monitoring and evaluation, trainings, Capacity Building, knowledge transfer and communication and dissemination.