Key performance indicators

Expected REACT4MED Outputs

Terrains dégradés restaurés
Square km affected by the REACT4MED restoration actions


Solutions promues
Proven, cost-effective solutions promoted and invested in


Evénements de renforcement des capacités
Capacity building events for SLWM and soil restoration



Youth empowered

Produits de diffusion
Products for stakeholders outside REACT4MED


Outils d'aide à la décision inclus dans LanDS
Decision support tools included in LanDS


Investisseurs potentiels
Stakeholders considering SLWM investment



Female empowered

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#Didyouknow that in Asia, under traditional rice farming systems, rodents are responsible for chronic production losses ranging from 5–10% annually? Shockingly, a mere 5% reduction in rice production amounts to approximately 30 million tons, enough to feed 180 million people 🌾

Focus on: #COST#FoodWaStop.
This project, to which PRIMA is partner, represents a significant advancement in the Euro-Med food product domain. It is part of a consortium comprising 69 partners, including 14 PRIMA PS.

Managing #rodents is vital for community health as they can transmit 26 #diseases, including rabies and Lyme disease. Diseases can spread through contact with rodent #droppings, #urine, or #dander. Rats, especially, are prevalent and pose a significant threat to #publichealth.

Last month, @HMUniversity organised its 2nd agro-ecosystem restoration workshop of @PrimaProgram @REACT4MED. Similar workshops across 8 #Mediterranean 🫒 countries are documenting what really matters to local stakeholders in terms of sustainability.

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